About this resource

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Young people in Early School Leavers (ESL) settings represent a population group at risk of poor health outcomes. Many have nutritionally poor diets and take little physical activity which is a concern similar to other low income groups. They are at risk of poor health outcomes in terms of the major chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancers, heart attacks and stroke because of poor nutrition, overweight and obesity.

Research into the nutrition and physical activity habits of young people, who are early school leavers, is limited. In light of this, safefood funded a needs assessment carried out by Trinity College Dublin and University of Ulster. This research showed that there was a need for a targeted and relevant resource to support ESL trainers in the delivery of life skills training around food. With this in mind safefood and FSA Northern Ireland developed the current resource with guidance from the ESL sector in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

The purpose of this resource is to:

  • • complement any nutrition related curriculum in ESL settings in a way that meets the specific nutrition needs of this group
  • • ensure that practical skills can be transferred into young people’s lives outside of the centres
  • • provide a content, format and style tailored to suit this groups needs
  • • take into consideration the range of abilities among early school leavers including literary and attendance aspects

How the resource was developed

The resource was developed by safefood and the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland in consultation with representative bodies, organisations and trainers working Early School Leavers on a daily basis. Our thanks to Youthreach, CTC, Pathways, Princes Trust whose insights and guidance were invaluable.

Designed for different abilities and learning approaches

This flexible resource reflects the dynamic Early School Leaver learning environment. Each module uses a number of learning approaches. As a trainer, you are provided with information sheets and can choose the activities most suited to your group. This has been developed for ESL trainers but may be used by others if suitable.

Three modules, over 60 activities

This resource means you don’t have to spend hours creating worksheets and thinking of innovative ways to engage everyone’s attention. It provides worksheets for different abilities, team and individual projects, fun quizzes and online games.